In order to reach the $12 million goal we need support from the entire Pickaway County Community - both people and businesses. Public support from Pickaway County in the amount of $7 million has already been committed. We are now asking that the community match this public support to reach our $12 million goal.

A $5 million campaign has been launched, and the Leadership Team is reaching out for support to build these transformational facilities in the heart of our County seat. The Pickaway County Community Foundation has agreed to partner with the project to provide financial oversight and house the Pickaway Agriculture and Event Center Funds. Gifts made are entirely tax deductible, and pledges may be made over a 3 to 5 year period. Payment reminders will be coordinated through the Foundation.


Commemoration Cost
Small Animal Pen $150
Donor Wall Recognition $250
Donor Wall Recognition $500
Hog (168) or Sheep & Goat (120) Pens $1,000
Horse Stalls (92) $1,500
Hog Wash Bay (14) $3,000
4-H Storage in Event Center $5,000
Pantry $5,000
Concessions in Multipurpose Arena $10,000 (SOLD)
Cattle (1) or Sheep & Goat Wash Bay (1) $10,000
Fireplace on patio of Event Center $10,000 (SOLD)
Office in Event Center $15,000 (SOLD)
Manure Storage Facility $25,000
Courtyard in Event Center $25,000
Vestibule in Event Center $25,000
Conference Room in Event Center Conference $25,000 (SOLD)
Room in Multipurpose Arena $25,000
Office in Show Pavilion $25,000
Promenade $30,000
Elevator in the Event Center $35,000
Patio of Event Center $45,000
Stairwell (silo) of Event Center $50,000
Kitchen of the Event Center $75,000
Stage $75,000 (SOLD)
Picnic Pavillion $75,000 (SOLD)
West Parking $75,000
East or West Gate Entrance $100,000
East Parking $100,000
Banquet in the Event Center $100,000
Health & Wellness Center $150,000 (SOLD)
Small Animal Barn $150,000
Midway $250,000 (SOLD)
Sheep & Goat Barn $250,000
Cattle Barn $350,000 (SOLD)
Amphitheater $400,000
Hog or Horse Barn $750,000
Show Pavillion $1,000,000
Livestock Complex $1,500,000
Multipurpose Arena $2,000,000 (SOLD)
Event Center $2,000,000
Pickaway Agriculture and Event Center $5,000,000